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About | Lindsay Muciy Photography and Videography

About Me

My full name is Lindsay Marie Muciy and I am originally from the small, picturesque town of Perth, Ontario. Growing up I spent countless hours taking pictures of my friends with disposable cameras, posing them around my parent's house and proudly showing off my pictures to anyone who showed the smallest bit of interest. Little did I know at the time, but this would lead to two photography degrees: One in fine art photography from Mount Allison University, and another in commercial photography. I'm now living my dream with a career as a full-blown professional photographer. I'm technically trained in both old school artsy film and new age commercial digital, but I've been told that true strength of my work, the je ne sais quoi if you will, comes from my killer eye for detail and ability to connect with my clients. I absolutely love working with people. I love learning how you met, what your idiosyncrasies are, or what makes you laugh. Whether working together for an hour or planning a wedding over several months, I love finding out what makes you YOU, and then capturing it through the lens of my camera!

About The Company

I started my professional career in Montreal subcontracting my services throughout the city. It was a wonderful experience where I was fortunate to have had opportunities to cover some really high profile events and weddings, like working with the band U2, shooting weddings for NHL players, and rubbing shoulders with former Prime Ministers. Since forming my own company I have been slowly amassing an amazing team of in-house photographers and videographers. Not only supremely talented, but that share the same passion, professionalism, integrity, and joie de vivre that I have . I'm extremely proud of the team I have. I truly believe that we offer an unparalleled level of friendly, discrete, and professional services. We are more than happy to go beyond simply capturing your day or event. We often help our clients by acting as art directors, event planners, and moral support cheerleaders. Our style is continually evolving as we push ourselves creatively and technically.

About What We Offer

Montreal wedding photography, wedding videography, and more...Our core business is rooted in wedding photography and videography. Wedding, engagement, family portraits, newborn, and maternity shoots are how we spend the bulk of our time. However, we really cover the spectrum of professional photography and videography services. Fashion, event,  and commercial photography and videography is where we started and we continue to carve out niches in those areas. We have longstanding relationships with corporations such as Lululemon Athletica, and we are growing as a creator of material for social media advertising campaigns. Beyond photos and videos, we do offer graphic design services for everything from save the date invitations to full advertising campaigns. Anything you can dream up that requires photo, video, editing, or design  skills we can help you bring to it to fruition. Hit the contact button below to send us an inquiry.

Fun Facts About Me! 

* I spent 5 years traveling around the world - Mostly Asia and Australia!

* I have a major fear of birds....especially pigeons

* I'm a neat freak! Think Marie Kondo! 

* I love to keep things light and fun-if you're happy, I'm happy!!

* I'm a terrible dancer...But I dance anyway!! Sorry not sorry! 

* I'm a sucker for great Instagram pics

* My core values include: Honesty, Integrity, Family, Creativity, and Goals

* The number 11 follows me everywhere I go...It's a little eerie!

* I married my best friend

* I have two wonderful kiddos, a mini Goldendoodles and a Persian/chinchilla cat!

* I don't watch scary movies

* I believe in dreaming big,  loving big, and making things happen!

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